Imbalance cam for cell separator – Medical Technology

This eccentrically stored part made of Sitomb creates a controllable vibration effect leading to a division of blood into its components.


Maximum corrosion resistance


High strength and elongation at break


Cost-efficient production

Example of application of Sitomb® in medical engineering

In order to divide blood into its components, vibration need to be created. This can be reached by rotation an object having an eccentrical center of gravity.

Advantages in this example

  • Slide characteristics: Sitomb has very good slide characteristics. Due to a low coefficient of friction, oil and other lubricants are not necessary. This leads to a hygienical advantage related to the application in medical engineering.

  • Antibacterial effect: Bacteria cannot survive on the surface of Sitomb. The spread of germs can be avoided and the effort related to disinfection decreases. This specific characteristic is mainly caused by the high amount of copper inside the material.

The challenge of the production is to feed high volumes with density. These volumes are normally avoided in terms of casting optimization. In this case, it is not possible to avoid such a process, as more volume results in stronger vibration being desired in this use case.