Bracket for the exhaust – Automotive Industry

The bracket of an exhaust system of a truck may sound trivial but the mechanical and thermic stress factors lasting on such a part, should not be underestimated.


Maximum corrosion resistance


High strength and elongation at break


Cost-efficient production

Example of application of Sitomb® in the automotive industry

As hot gas flows through the exhaust system, attached metallic components warm up. Thereby temperature rises up to levels around 150°C. Due to its high-temperature strength that is no problem for our parts made of Sitomb®.

Advantages in this example

  • High-temperature strength: Sitomb has a constant strength at temperature levels beneath 200°C. That is the reason why it is a suitable construction material for parts which need to resist thermic stress.
  • Because of the parts location close to the ground and its increased risk of rust, Sitomb has an advantage compared to other products due to its high corrosion resistance. High temperatures as well as road salt in winter are no issue to our products.

The biggest challenge in the production was to remove the longish cast part without any deformation from the mould.