Hinge element for windows – Lock and Fitting Industry

Our parts made of Sitomb are highly resilient. The part in the picture is a component in a hinge. In the joint system this component almost carries the weight of the whole window. The coloring serves the optics and results from a subsequent galvanizing process.


Maximum corrosion resistance


High strength and elongation at break


Cost-efficient production

Example of application of Sitomb® in the lock and fitting industry

Advantages in this example

Despite the small measurements of the parts it withstands reliably the weight in quiescent state as well as in motion.

  • Specific strength: The material Sitomb has a very high specific strength. Therefore, the dimensions of our parts contribute to the implementation of space-saving construction.

  • Corrosion resistance: Because Sitomb is resistant to corrosion, it can be used in dynamic components without the necessity for further adaptions related to weather influences.