Solutions and Industries

The combination of outstanding material characteristics and a highly efficient production process allows the utilization of Sitomb in a variety of industries.

Where is Sitomb used?

A strong alloy

Parts made from Sitomb offer lots of freedom during their design and production process. This is why we can fulfil almost every customer request. A variety of products can be realised. Our products start from a weight of a few grams and end with products of up to 10 kg. Furthermore, our castings achieve excellent chemical and mechanical characteristics. Various business sectors such as the lock and fitting industry, the automotive industry, medical engineering, mechanical engineering as well as the aerospace industry benefit from Sitomb.

Cost-efficient production

Parts made from silicon tombac are produced using the high pressure die casting method. Hence, they can be produced highly profitable starting from a batch size of 1000 pieces. Key element in this process is that we offer permanent casting tools. They are designed and produced on the base of your desired part. With the help of our permanent casting tools the actual production with our die casting machines starts.

The production cycle known as “shot“ is comprised of the following steps: Filling of the closed mould, cooling, tightening and finally opening the mould resulting in the cast part. Normally the product has to be freed from the surplus material after and is then ready to use. Further steps for the manipulation of geometry and/or the surface of the part are possible without any problems.

Until now we only knew investment casting and MIM as production processes for high strength and highly accurate parts. Die casting with Sitomb is a real alternative for us. Customer from the Locking Industry
In our case the investment in a die casting tool paid off after 16 months. Customer from the Automotive Industry
Our MIM-Parts had to be coated to be protected against corrosion. After the switch to Sitomb corrosion and coating are no issue for us anymore. Customer from Medical Engineering
There is a high potential for cost reduction compared to parts resulting from investment casting. Customer from the Lock and Fitting Industry