About us


Our vision is the implementation of Sitomb® method. It is an environmentally friendly and profitable alternative for high strength and high precise mechanical parts in industrial utilization

This goes hand in hand with our guiding principles, which are our mission now.

Work for a sustainable future

The basis for everyone is the world we live on. To save our living space we set out the goal to treat our environment with respect. For that reason we minimize the waste of resources in all our company process and production processes. As a proof we regularly do a certification in environment management after the norm DIN EN ISO 14001.

Save the technological lead

The world is changing all the time, sometime steady – sometimes disruptive. Constantly we have to adapt to the changing environment. Thereby we have to save the quality and the profitability. We compare our existing production processes with alternatives and are open for change. Innovations are important, but we only adapt them in our processes and products after various tests concerning functionality and performance.

Between mid-tier and start-up

We have the advantage to work from a stable mid-tier environment which goes along with a company history of 50 years of know-how, steadiness and reliability. Nevertheless we do not want to become sluggish or even professionally blinkered, so we implement the latest production and management concepts. In order to minimize our reaction time we have flat hierarchies and digitize our company. We keep us active and versatile by regular training of external partners. To the benefit of our customers we strive to the economic optimum between steadiness and change. So we do not rust and overheat.